The Team – Who Are Our Professional Wedding MCs

It all started with Donovan, then the team grew to nine professional wedding MCs! Each has its own brand of charm and entertainment. Get to meet all of our talented wedding emcees:

MC Donovan Fernandes

Donovan Fernandes is a versatile and dynamic Master of Ceremonies, skilled in captivating and entertaining diverse audiences at various events across Toronto. With his charismatic personality and commanding voice, he has successfully hosted weddings worldwide, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Magic MC Durgy Spade

Experience the electrifying presence of Durgy Spade, also known as the Magic MC, as he delivers an extraordinary blend of high-energy and interactive hosting services infused with a touch of magic in Toronto. With a remarkable career spanning over 15 years as a wedding magician, Durgy Spade has recently gained recognition as Canada’s Most Magical MC. If you’re seeking an event that truly stands out, your quest concludes here with the captivating talents of Durgy Spade.

MC Jasmine V

Jasmine epitomizes the quintessential traits of a professional MC in Toronto, radiating an infectious energy that embodies organization, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Her standing as one of the finest MCs is attributed in part to her vibrant and unwavering on-stage persona, earning her the moniker of an “energizer bunny.” With an effervescent presence, razor-sharp focus, and an exuberant personality, she effortlessly assumes the role of a host for a diverse array of events and clientele. Jasmine’s amiable nature, delightful sense of humour, quick wit, and improvisational skills contribute to her proficiency as an MC. With years of experience captivating and retaining the attention of guests, her remarkable talents have led her to join the esteemed All Talk Wedding MC group.

MC G Freshh

MC G Freshh is a truly unique Master of Ceremonies in Toronto. With a commanding personality and a vibrant presence, he possesses the remarkable ability to entertain and captivate audiences across a wide range of events. As a distinguished Area Winner for Toastmasters International, MC G Freshh excels at quick improvisation, effortlessly adapting to any situation and leaving his audience spellbound.

MC Big Neegs

With an extensive hosting background spanning over a decade, MC Big Neegs has become one of the most sought-after wedding MCs in Toronto. His versatility and boundless energy enable him to command the attention of any audience with ease. MC Big Neegs is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, ensuring he fully understands his client’s needs and objectives. He works diligently with all involved vendors to meticulously plan and execute events, surpassing expectations and bringing the client’s vision to life.

MC Malik

MC Malik excels at uniting a room of individuals to create an unforgettable experience filled with joy and excitement. When it comes to elevating your wedding day in Toronto, MC MALIK is the ultimate choice. With his ability to generate an electric atmosphere, he will infuse your event with energy, ensuring a seamless flow and, above all, guaranteeing that everyone has an incredible time. The rave reviews from satisfied clients speak volumes about MC MALIK’s exceptional skills. Don’t miss out – book him today and discover firsthand why he is a standout performer in the industry!


By enlisting the services of MC DKLo, you are not only securing a skilled wedding host but also welcoming a prominent public figure from the Toronto media realm. With an impressive track record spanning over a decade as a writer and video host for blogTO, coupled with his notable presence in the city’s culinary landscape, MC DKLo is a versatile and multi-talented host who adeptly balances the realms of celebration and honouring tradition. His expertise shines particularly in East and Southeast Asian weddings, showcasing his deep understanding and proficiency in these cultural contexts. MC DKLo’s professionalism is unwavering, making him an exceptional choice for your special day.

Gee the MC

Gee the MC has embarked on a remarkable journey, traversing Toronto and various corners of the world, infusing the weddings of countless couples with unrivalled enthusiasm. His magnetic personality exudes a captivating charm that resonates with the couples, families, and guests he entertains. Gee’s unwavering commitment to detail, professionalism, and ability to elevate the energy of any room sets him apart, leading to a consistent demand for his services. Notably, Gee’s dynamic MCing approach caught the attention of television and music celebrities, who specifically requested his presence as an opener before their concerts, relying on his unparalleled ability to ignite the crowd with excitement.

MC Tubby

When it comes to finding the epitome of charisma, look no further than MC Tubby, the perfect choice to host your extraordinary occasion. Handpicked by clients and adorned with their praises, MC Tubby has honed his skills over the past few years. Through these valuable experiences, he has discovered that the genuine joy and laughter emanating from everyone in his presence during an event is the ultimate measure of his success. With a remarkable ability to ensure seamless execution and adapt to unforeseen circumstances, MC Tubby consistently delivers as your trusted wedding emcee in Toronto.

Get An All Talk Wedding MC Host!

Ready to unleash the energy and excitement at your Toronto wedding? Look no further than All Talk Wedding MC, your go-to source for professional wedding emcees who know how to keep the party going! Discover the perfect emcee who will bring your celebration to life. From grand introductions to seamless transitions and side-splitting laughter, our talented team will ensure your special day is nothing short of extraordinary. Don’t settle for an average wedding experience—let All Talk Wedding MC turn your Toronto wedding into an unforgettable extravaganza. Contact us today and let the magic begin!

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